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(Here we are discussing wordpress.org, not to be confused with wordpress.com) When any one of us is about to open a new website, the first thing that comes to our mind is which platform we should use, and even though we come of the suggestion of WordPress from people, another question crosses our mind, “Why does it have to be WordPress? Are the other platforms not good enough?”

Well, these are the reasons why you should use WordPress for your dream website:

1. You can make any types of website using WordPress

First of all, WordPress is not just simply a blogging apartment. Though it started just as a blogging platform, now within a few years, it has increased its realm by being a powerful website builder as well as a robust content management system.

It is easy to make different types of websites with WordPress. It is so vast and fast popularity is because of this very reason. Again, WordPress is free to use. Yeah, man! You heard the right thing. It’s free software. As a result, you can easily download, install, use without spending any kind of money. But you need a domain name and web hosting to install it.

2. One can use WordPress without being a master in programming or web designing

A beginner or a person who is new to the word “WEBSITE”, in other words, anyone with little knowledge of technology can do it better with this. Thousands of free themes make you fall in love with WordPress. You can do things such as changing the background and the color, uploading the logo, and so on just with the help of WordPress. And you can make things much better with plugins by WordPress. There are thousands of free plugins to make everything easier.

Well, things get to the next level with premium plugins. Adding to these, if you are a lazy fellow and get bored when it’s about management, then WordPress is surely for you. You can update your plugins, themes from your WP admin dashboard without any difficulty. You also get notified when an updated version of it is available. You can create backups to protect your information. On top of all these, WordPress sites have left others far behind in search engine.

3. Highly secured and you will get update regular basis

Well, you might have asked yourself once, what’s about security? Now, we have an answer to it. It’s very developed when it’s about security. It is said often that it’s more secure than many other platforms to run a website. But who can be 100% sure when you are on the Internet. Nothing can be certain in it. Just for a simple suggestion, you can make it more secure by following the guide of WordPress security and updating WordPress core, Themes, and Plugins regular basis.

4. More than 30% of all website in the internet running in WordPress

Here’s another interesting thing you might want to know about WP. It is used by nearly 30% of all websites. It dominates the CMS market with about 60% market share. From a recent report, it is found that WordPress has several about 52000 plugins. No code is required to change the themes. 169 different languages make the platform one of the most popular multi-lingual platforms.

You can always be creative with WP tools. Offline events are also hosted by WP. It’s both true and fun at the same time. Many popular websites, several 23% of the 10000 top sites use WP including TechCrunch, The New Yorker, BBC America, Variety, Sony Music (you love songs, right?) MTV News, Boingo, Bata( we love shoes), Quartz, etc. Moreover, it makes search engine optimization (SEO) more effortless. Plugins in WP make it an SEO friendly platform.

Last but not least, it lets you get better with everything like text, images, audios, and videos. If the above was not convincing for you, then Beyonce uses WordPress. That’s the reason I would die to use WP. So, what have you decided?

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